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SAP Printing Solutions

Large international companies take our advice with high satisfaction in general printing solutions and specifically regarding barcode printing out of SAP. We can also find the best solutions also in specific combinations or in complex systems.


We make our long expertise in the areas of central barcode software, printer management for SAP systems -> SAP R / 3, mySAP, ..... available to you. Do not hesitate to contact us, if do you want to repleace expensive barcode SIMM, special printers, and the central simple barcode printing software on any platform (Windows or UNIX, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, Tru64, AIX ).

Software Integration

With our know-how we integrate our best worldwide barcode printing software in your spooler or in your SAP system. They are equipped with barcode printing or postage with Data Matrix and DP logo from SAP never again have problems.

RIA - Internet applications WEB2

AGOSYS is ready to implement "Rich Internet Application" multi-tier quality desktop applications.. Established are WEB2 technology, Java, Flash, SQL databases.

Software Develpment

Expert leasing projects for clients in specialist areas. AGOSYS also offers on-site assistance. Wir arbeiten mit den aktuellsten IT-Technologien und Werkzeugen ANSIC, C++, Java, VB, SQL. We work with the latest IT technologies and tools ANSIC, C + +, Java, VB, SQL.


We offer our customers the possibility to have more pressure on SAP solutions, bar code printing technologies and their use in SAP R/3, the economics for customers, RIA technology. Times and seminar focus will be agreed upon request.

SAP Consulting

Please contact us if our long experience with SAP or bar code printing solution for SAP wishing to participate in special problems or solutions.
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