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PALME 2007

the shared WEB staff roster and vacation scheduler

. . . if you want to increase the efficiency in the working groups, Palme 2007 is the ideal Time & Team & Project organizer for all employees and teams of your company.



Palme2007 of AGOSYS exceeds the conventional timetable solutions such as Windows applications, Outlook Addons or own individual Excel solutions.

The big plus of the program are the ease of use and direct access for all employees through the intranet network:

Kalender einer Abteilung oder Team - Gesamtansicht
  • Thanks to the latest intranet RIA (Rich Internet Application) Technology
  • is availabe throughout the corporate network without a PC installation
  • absences can be entered by mouse clicks and dragging.

Main entries in the calendar

Kalender einer Abteilung oder Team - Gesamtansicht
  • Colors allow differentiation of species in absentia
  • Optional characters in cells can be used for different meanings as stratifications, hours operations or standby duty
  • Tick: confirmation of holidays
  • A small triangle in the calendar cell means that a text comment is added

The high transparency of presence in the preview mode supports cooperation within departments and also non-departmental teams.

The only prerequisite: Java browser

Palme 2007 works with daily resolution. It has proven itself as an ideal complement to hourly based planning in Outlook.

Direct Contact
Please feel free to contact us for further information and further details.


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EMail: AGOSYS Team

Customer opinion

„More than 2000 employees at BMW are directly using Plame 2007 since December 2006 every day with total satisfaction. The leave and attendance planner is fast, simple, clear, self-explanatory. A great complement to Outlook scheduler."