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iXBC SAP Barcode

Why iXBC ?
Barcode printing out of SAP

1. From well-known companies honored central server solution from AGOSYS - Software plug-in server in SAP


2. Conventional costly solutions:

2.1 Hardware plug-in (barcode SIMM) in the printer

Hardware Plug-in (Barcode SIMM) im Drucker

2.2 Print though Windows PCs with barcode.dll
Drucken durch Windows Client PCs mit Barcode dll

2.3 Through additional external printing server
Über zusätzliches externes Printing System

Benefits of AGOSYS-solution:

- Cost effective and flexibel !
- Works without any extra effort
- Original SAP Forms
- Automatic batch processing
- Print image identical with direct printing
- All laser printer is enabled to print barcode
- It can be installed on SAP server, print server or in output management system.

If you choose this solution, thanks to the passive function principle, there is no failure possibility.
ZERO operating expensis

Drawbacks of hardware plug-in:
- expensive and inflexible! - Without hardware add-on no barcode print. - Barcode only with barcode SIMM or special printer.


Drawbacks of barcode.dll:
- Not suitable for automatic batch processing! - Additional installation in all clients.

Drawbacks of additional print server:
- Using SAPwin the print layout differs from the direct prints. - Using external forein print system the forms must be newly programmed. - Additional server and support are needed. - Server-costs!