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iXBC SAP Barcode

Benefits and advantages


  • High reliability and cost savings
  • no additional costs for hardware
  • zero care (no demon process)
  • SAP standard forms without modification
  • flexibility for changes and extensions/additions?
  • Independence of SAP applications and release
  • arbitrary large and highly precise barcodes
  • no data length limit in 2D barcodes
  • complete Druckvorschau in SAP
  • no training is necessary

Advantages of the direct server pressure with iXBC server program in SAP

Central plug-in barcode solution for the whole company
Company-wide central barcode printing from SAP unlimited on all PCL and PostScript laser printers on the network including high-performance printing roads and multifunction devices. That is what AGOSYS's intelligent software products offer: iXBCserver for UNIX spooler and iXBCwin for Windows spooler. Thus, a robust, printer independent barcode printing is available networkwide for all users.

The original printer driver remains unchanged

With this solution the original printer driver can be used. The print layout (page margins, font tracking), therefore, remains 100% unchanged.


In contrast, at the conventional solutions with a forced change to SAPWIN (SAPlpd, SAPsprint), small but annoying layout changes are inevitable.

Easy installation, no maintenance
The installation - you can make yourself. installation and SAP settings can be performed in 2 hours. No training is necessary. If you need help, we provide you free installation support.

iXBC has no mulfunction possibility (passive functional principle as a UNIX command, no demon process), so does not need support.

Savings of additional investment and extension’ costs
iXBCserver and iXBCwin make hardware additions, middleware and installation on clients needless. If you change your printer there are no administration or work efforts and no costs for Barcode modules.

Global and bounteous enterprise license, that affords you not to purchase any more iXBC licenses. Ideal for large international corporations.

Uniform barcode solution for all server platforms
Reliable high bar code emulation from a single source for all server platforms, the SAP R / 3 supports, such as AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Tru64 and MS Windows. Later switch to a different SAP platform is so any time.

iXBC barcode server software is also mixed with special printers or client pressure Barcodedll (See iXBCdll) easily applicable. iXBCdll - from same house - guaranteed superimposable barcodes.

Unlimited data length for 2 dimensional barcodes

iXBC is the world's only solution that overcomes the 70 bytes of data length limit of the SAP standard barcode printing and enables the transfer of several thousand bytes for two-dimensional barcodes. That is especially important for UNICODE systems.

Perfectly meets the SAP standard

iXBC complements the SAP documents with barcode, while the document itself remains otherwise unchanged. SAPScript and SmartForms blanks are completely and release independently supported. The size and other parameters of the barcodes will be setted through the in SAP integrated font manager.

ATT - Anti twist technology
Thanks to the special correction technology (ATT - Anti Twist Technology) of the iXBC softwares the unavoidable micro-grid distortions of the laser printers will be largely compensated. This ensures first-class printing and reliable readability of barcodes, even at small dimensions and high print density.

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