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Here you can download free test versions of our products without obiligation. If you like one of our products, you can easy unloack the testversion to a full one.

iXBC SAP Barcode

Direct Server printing

iXBCserver and iXBCwin are simple, but professional server programs that extend SAP R/3 and mySAP with the barcode printing ability on any PCL and Postscript network printers independent of the printer types. No Barode SIMM or middleware/extra-server and no care are needed.


iXBCdll corresponds to the specification of SAPlpd / SAPsprint for SAPWIN devicetype


iXBC-Stamp for digital postal freeing

Using iXBC Stamp server program the digital freeing of mass delivery with Datamatrix barcode and German Post Logo will be printed from SAP simultaneously with the letter. The data formatting requested by the post is performed by the program, too.


Palme 2007 intranet collaboration calendar

The professional holiday and daily absence planner for small and large businesses in your intranet. Simple and clear for personnel administration, staff roster and holiday planning, flexitime, teams and project planning, as well as work time balance with attractive GUI.
No typing, only mouse click and drag.


iHCOPY intelligent Hardcopy

Using iHCOPY you can directly print the screen or a part of that by pressing a single key or insert them in background into Winword. The resource usage is absulotely minimal.